Zingende Thuisblijfmoeder brengt vijfde cd uit

De Zingende Thuisblijfmoeder, Marie Bellet, bracht deze zomer haar vijfde cd uit: Everything Changes.

‘Marie admits that life at home as a mother can be frustrating. In fact, that is what her music is about: the struggle and the value of that struggle — “My music is about the drama of everyday life-staying in love, going through the days’ routine, ‘One more time, with feeling!’ I want to tell other mothers that they are not crazy or alone. If my music can do that, it will all be worthwhile.’

Marie Bellets muziek is een mengeling van folk en country, en gaat over het moederschap. Als je meer over haar wilt weten, lees dan ons interview met Marie Bellet!

Over Everything changes

In de liedjes op haar nieuwste cd zijn Marie Bellets kinderen wat ouder.

This is not ‘Marriage and Family 101′ anymore! A bit further along, these songs reflect the changes that come with launching kids out into the world: letting go, rolling with reality, learning not to take trouble personally and resting in the rhythm of perseverance. Authentic and organic, this collection is an essential companion for those beginning to suspect that, in this grand adventure, everything changes.’

Praktische informatie

Je kunt via mariebellet.com cd’s bestellen, of losse nummers downloaden. Ook zijn er diverse video’s te beluisteren.

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